A successful entrepreneur, a proud family man, and a strong, pro-Trump conservative, Bob Hamilton is running to represent Kansas in the United States Senate. As Bob says, “If you want to make a mess in Washington, hire a professional politician. But if you want to drain the swamp, hire a plumber.”

Bob hasn’t served a day in office. Instead, he built a thriving business that serves the Kansas City area. From the age of six, when his parents gave him his first toolbox, Bob has been honing his trade as a professional plumber. Bob learned the craft from his father when he started to ride around with him at the age of nine. That’s also when Bob learned that anything is possible through hard work, a commitment to customer service, and a willingness to keep one’s promises.

After learning from his father, Bob took the plunge and started his own plumbing business in 1983, Bob Hamilton Plumbing. With his wife Teresa scheduling appointments, Bob relied on one plumbing truck and word-of-mouth referrals to launch Bob Hamilton Plumbing. During the next 37 years, Bob grew his company from a one man-one truck operation to a successful business that now provides good-paying jobs to over 160 employees.

In 2011, from their garage, Bob and Teresa launched a nonprofit company called Giving the Basics. Giving the Basics donates personal care products to low-income families, like laundry soap, shampoo, toilet paper and other basic hygiene products. Since its beginning, Giving the Basics has partnered with local businesses to provide millions of hygiene necessities to people in need.

Bob and Teresa are the proud parents of 12 children, and the Hamilton Family calls Miami County home. They worship at the Holy Rosary Wea Catholic Church, where they are members. Bob is adamantly pro-life and walks by faith. As a father of 12 and a grandfather of 11, Bob wants to ensure that all children of Kansas have the opportunity to learn, grow and flourish.

Bob is committed to stopping the creep of socialism in America, which threatens our liberties, and the ability of every family to live the American Dream through high taxes and heavy regulation. Bob will defend life, protect 2nd Amendment rights, and stand with President Trump to secure the border. He is the gritty outsider in the race for senate, who has rolled up his sleeves to create jobs and income for area families, and who is the living embodiment of the American Dream.